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iFunnels is a suite of integrated digital marketing automation tools helping entrepreneurs grow their audience, engage with it and sell more.


The iFunnels Platform

You'll Get Everything You Need To Create A Successful Online Business Without Having Any Product of your own Or Anything To Sell. And Without Any Previous Experience Of Technical Background.

IFunnels Studio ($49/mo value)

Get unlimited access to our landing page and sales funnel builder. Using ready made templates, components and blocks, create your own sales funnel, and sell anything you want online. You won't even need hosting or a website as we will run and operate everything for you. 

Lead Funnels Platform ($149/mo value)

This is the backbone of Affiliate Funnels. Lead Funnels  allows you to create unlimited landing pages and lead generation campaigns with just a few clicks (learn more HERE). You can start from scratch or use all our existing campaigns (see above) as a starting point. It also comes with some advanced conversion boosting features and you can learn more HERE. Lead Funnels is seamlessly integrated with Affiliate Funnels & Email Funnels. Unlimited account (unlimited funnels, and unlimited traffic and leads)

Access To Email Funnels ($99/mo value) 

We've reinvented email marketing and the way autoresponder works. Done-for-you email funnels and series, easy to use automations, copywriting scoring engine,  drag and drop email funnel builder. Create your own email funnels and autoresponder series (start from scratch or use any of our done-for-you sequences and swipe emails as a starting point). Import your own contacts. Up to 50k contacts, unlimited emails.

Lead Channels Platform ($49/mo value)

It's both an optin engine and a lead distribution engine: you can collect leads by creating regular optin forms, or by creating Mobile Originated processes (your visitor can optin directly from their mobile phone using SMS / Text messages). You can then distribute your leads through different channels. For example, you can send your leads to Email Funnels, you can register them to a webinar, add them to your CRM, to a Google doc, add them to any other autoresponder of your choice all at ONCE! You'll get unlimited channels and leads. It's fully integrated with Lead Funnels, and it can also be used on any website or platform (Wordpress, any landing page builder...)  

Access To Validate (1,000 email verifications included each month)

Validate is an email validation and verification service. It cleans your email list (in real time or in bulk) to get rid of invalid, risky email addresses. It detects and removes hard bounces, spam traps, click bots and everything that could harm your deliverability rate. We guarantee a 98% deliverability rate on all emails marked as Valid by the Validate engine. This service is fully integrated with the other modules as well. It can help you 3x your open rate, traffic and conversions instantly. Did you know that only 44% of your emails are delivered when 10% of your email records are bad? That's why the majority of email marketers struggle to get open rates higher than their measly 4-5%. 

Automate by iFunnels ($249/mo value)

Turn your leads and customers' behaviors into relevant and perfectly timed marketing actions. To 10x your business you need to send the right messages to the right prospects at the right time, and segment your marketing activities based on your prospect's behaviors. Someone clicked a link in one of your email, it's probably a good time to follow-up with him in case he did not purchase a day later. Someone has completed an email sequence without clicking one of your email, he was probably not interested in the content and you could send him different pieces of content to re-engage him. Think of Automate like the brain piloting your marketing activities to make sure you reach the right people at the right time with the right message and convert more prospects into customers!


About JP Schoeffel (Founder)

After more than a decade creating and launching online businesses (SaaS platforms,  Info Products, E-Commerce, Traffic Agency), I've decided to open the gates to the systems I have created and finetuned over the years. 

My company is now mostly focused on SaaS platforms, creating advanced marketing automations systems helping online entrepreneurs and digital marketers (new or advanced) launch and grow successful online businesses. 

I have generated over 8 figures in digital sales over the past few years, as a product creator and as an affiliate.

About Paul Brooks (Head Coach)

During the years since starting this wonderful online marketing journey of mine it's been a roller coaster ride of highs and lows and I've looped the loop more than once. Maybe you can relate to that.

My break through came when I discovered what we talk about on our workshops and my background in corporate training has given me the skills to teach it. 

So, now when I'm asked if there's one piece of advice I'd give to aspiring or struggling online marketers, it's this...

Don't try to do it alone. The fastest way to success is to team up with people who already have the kind of success you want and who are willing to give you access to their tools, knowledge and experience. 

That's exactly what we offer.

Meet The Team

What People Are Saying...


You’re le​​​​arning from one of the top affiliates...

Whenever JP talks… I listen, and I listen carefully. He manages to blow up in top affiliate lists often. And he does it with a system that's close to artistry!

So if you have the chance to learn from JP about list building and affiliate marketing, know that you’re learning from one of the top affiliates out there and what he teaches comes straight from the trenches.

Simon Hodgkinson (Hodgkinson Publishing)


Get your hands on anything and everything he comes out with!...

JP’s not your typical “guru” who goes after the limelight. Instead, he’s too busy making a killing with affiliate marketing and teaching his secret methods to students lucky enough to learn from him and use his platforms.

You’ll be in good hands working with JP and learning from him. In fact, you’ll be guided by truly one of the best when it comes to affiliate marketing. Get your hands on anything and everything he comes out with!

Ewen Chia (#1 International Best Seller)

Is iFunnels Right For You?

Our Platform Is Not For Everybody Though

Who is this for

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    Action Takers
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    People who are willing to do what it takes to succeed online
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    People with a positive mindset
  • check-circle-o
    People who want to succeed

Who is this not for

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    Whiners who think they are owed something
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    People who think they can get rich overnight
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    If you're jealous of someone being successful or blaming others for your own inactions
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    If you have to use money you don't have, or that would be needed for your family, then don't join
We Will Force You To Become Successful Within The Next Few Months

We can't guarantee you will generate any income as unfortunately, we know some will not take action or do anything. That said, we know that if you use the system, follow our guidance  and trainings, drive traffic to your funnels using our exclusive traffic source, then you will generate leads and commissions. We guarantee that if for whatever reason this program is not working for you, we'll work with you until it works! If you have any question before securing your spot, you can contact us at: success@ifunnels.com



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