The Truth About Email Deliverability & How You Can Triple Your Open Rates Almost Instantly!

Invalid Email addresses Are Killing Your Online Business.

If Just 10% of your emails are bad, then less than 44% are being delivered.
And chances are that you’re already blocked by ISP, meaning that even your valid
Email addresses might not get to the holy grail inbox!

And as if it was not enough, email marketing databases naturally degrades by about 22.4%  every year. So based on how old your list is, chances are 10% or even 20% of your email addresses have reached the invalid status thus contaminating your whole list and driving your inbox rate to the floor, if not banned.

As an online entrepreneur, a list of prospects and clients is our main asset. We just can’t live without it. Are you ready to throw it down the drain because a few % of your list is bad!

How can you compete when your deliverability rate is 30 or 40% compared to other businesses who have addressed this issue and are emailing their lists all day long with a 98% or more deliverability rate?

Don’t sweat it, you can’t.

If you’re sending a broadcast to 10k subscribers, and only 3k reach the inbox. Then even with the same open rate, click-through rate and conversion rate  as your competitor, you’re still generating 3.3 times less traffic, and thus 3.3x less sales and profits. Profits that could be re-invested into providing a better service, a better customer experience, and generating more leads. In a word, you’re left behind.

With bad email addresses, you’re putting your business at risk and  in a really bad situation, in a vicious circle, while those taking care of their email addresses and making sure they only email valid email address are enjoying the benefits of high deliverability rates.

On top of that, with high deliverability rates, comes higher sender reputation from ISP and thus higher open rates and traffic. It’s a virtuous circle.

Sending email to invalid addresses generate what is called “Hard Bounces”. And it’s WORSE to generate hard bounces than not emailing to these invalid email addresses.

Most people think that it’s not a biggie if 10% of emails are bad, but as you can see, the impact is tremendous and can bring chaos to your online business. This hurt your sender reputation and will affect the deliverability to ALL the other recipients in that list.

You’re marked as a spammer and most of your emails will end up in the spam folder, and your prospects will just don’t know you even exist! They will not read your emails, not see your content and offers.

So most email marketers keep emailing these lists with hard bounces and wonder why no one is opening or clicking their emails. They’re basically out of business.

You might wonder how do some businesses overcome this and manage to continusly kill it with email marketing.

Simply because they have a process in place to regularly clean their list and wipe out all the invalid email addresses.

Some have even implemented real time email verification, so that bad email address are NEVER added to their database.

But we’re talking large fortune 500 companies who have full team of developers working for them to implement what is usually really complex email validation procedures. They also often have millions of recipients to go through.

So how can it work for smaller online companies who don’t want to be left aside.

There’s a solution. 
It’s called email validation. 

It’s a complex set of procedures to test each and every email address in a database against known issues such as: syntax validation, MTA or MX records validation, domain validation, spam trap removal, disposable emails, risk assessment And if you don’t understand this complex jargon, don’t worry, it’s normal. It’s highly technical, and it’s alway why most fail at cleaning their email lists, although the potential is huge.

… As you can see, there are quite a lot of different validation processes to go through to finally mark an email as DELIVERABLE or UNDELIVERABLE.

Which is the only thing that matters to you at the end of the day. Fill your lists with Deliverable emails, and clean your lists so that it includes only DELIVERABLE emails.

And these processes are not easy, nor cheap to implement for small and medium online companies.

At iFunnels, we’ve partnered with a leader in Email Validation (real time and bulk list cleaning) to provide an easy to use, affordable, guaranteed Email validation service. 98%+ Deliverability guarantee of any email marked as VALID during our process.

We call this service: 

Validate by iFunnels.

Using it is as easy as pasting a line of code on your website, or using any of the tools from the iFunnels family which are already fully integrated with Validate.

Whenever someone submits a form, Validate will scan and process the email address and either accepts it, or reject it. IT’s that simple. If it gets rejected, it won’t be added to your list thus ensuring you never pollute and contaminate your lists with bad email addresses. Your marketing efforts to generate leads are not wasted by a few bad email addresses, and you rest assured you’re only emailing valid email addresses.

And if you want to clean your existing database, it’s simple, simply upload it and we will send you a cleaned database. It’s also fully automated when using other iFunels modules such as Email Funnels (you can even set it up so that each and every month your list is automatically cleaned for you, so you never have to worry about email bad addresses).

Best of all, there’s no commitment, it’s a pay as you go service.

Start Validating Your Email Today & Only Add Valid Leads To Your Lists!