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iFunnels helps you Generate More Leads, Increase Engagement, Boost Lifetime Value

HOW TO Turn MORE Prospects Into Leads

Lead Generation Funnels

Lead Funnels is our dedicated lead generation engine. Create high converting optin pages with conversion boosting features such as (geo-targeting, geo localization, dynamic keyword insertion, split testing, video background, ready-made welcoming audio messages). Or use our Studio landing page builder to build fully automated (and self optimizing - see Step 3) lead generation and conversion funnels.

All your leads will automatically be sent to our Engagement boosting engine (see below)

Capture your leads via email, SMS / text.

Evergreen Webinars

Want to run events the automated way? Simply create evergreen webinars using our Studio platform, our high-converting ready-made Webinar funnels, without needing any 3rd party system! Simulated live experience (with pre-set chat messages and like-live chat)

Rich-Media Quizzes

Unleash the power of our Quizz module to create high engaging lead generation funnels. Use images, videos in your quizzes. Simple branching or as complex as you want. With delayed call-to-action and conditional routes. Your quizzes, your way!

Product Launch Funnels

Are you planning an event or a product launch? Simply use one of our ready-made funnel, customize it in our drag-and-drop funnel editor, and start generating leads in minutes.

On-Site Retargeting

Increase your conversion rate by retargeting your visitors while they're still on your site. Right before they leave, after a given time spent on your page, or when the click a link, we'll display a high converting popup to turn more of your visitors into subscribers.


Lead Channels

Boost your engagement and 10x your conversions with this intelligent optin management engine. Capture your leads (email, text, mobile originated) when they are ready and route them to the right channels (email sequences, webinar, sales team, CRM...) in real time while providing a smooth user experience.

Add your leads to our built-in autoresponder and to your follow-up sequences, route them to external systems (1000s available), tag & segment for maximum engagement! Want to add your leads to multiple autoresponders, register them to a webinar, add them to a sequence, send them to your VA and to an external CRM, all at once: that's what Lead Channels will do for you!

3X Your Open Rates (real time validation)

Get rid of bogus email addresses harming your deliverability rates, your sender score... Your leads will be validated in real time and only the valid and deliverable ones will be emailed, thus naturally increasing your open rates and sender score over the time.

Email Funnels (autoresponder re-invented)

You can drop your current autoresponder. Email Funnels is a new kind of email marketing automation tool packed with advanced conversion boosting features such as (subject line automated split testing, automatically segment your non openers to send them a targeted message and boost engagement, instantly resend to any sub segment, rotate SMTP gateway to guarantee the highest deliverability rates...). Drag and drop interface to better organize your email sequences.

Create broadcasts, or full blown sequence, schedule them, and get detailed reporting.

Take Orders In 30 Seconds Or Less!

Aren't your bored of these 10 tabs long product setting forms? With our Deliver app, you only need 30 seconds to setup your product and take orders: 2 fields is all you need (and one of them is the name of your product). With our fully integrated sales machine, you can start taking orders in less than 30 seconds.

Scroll below to learn how the Deliver engine will also protect your membership pages, a whole site, or just a section of a page with just 1 click!

STEP 3: Boost your customers lifetime value OR
HOW TO Turn MORE customers Into repeat buyers and brand ambassadors

Self Optimizing Multivariate Testing Engine

iFunnels is the only platform available on the Internet to have a landing page and funnel builder fully integrated with our state-of-the-art multivariate split testing engine. 
Forget about wasting your time with 2 decades old A/B testing engines or using any external 3rd party testing engine (unless you want to spend $60k/year with Optimizely or similar platforms).

Create as many tests as you want with as many variants and let our engine self optimize your funnel (optimize your whole funnels)

Automate: Your 24/7  Marketing Assistant

Our marketing automation allows you to fully optimize engagement, generate more sales and repeat buyers by automating various marketing tasks (adding people to a new email sequence based on their behavior, removing them from a sequence, tagging them, sending notifications, recovering lost sales, gifting memberships...)

Increase your AOV pre and post checkout

What if you could increase your AOV by 50%+ instantly without changing anything to your funnel and copy?

Our pre- and post checkout experience will generate more sales (1-click upsell, fully transparent checkout forms to reduce cart abandonment and increase trust, dynamic and conditional discounts without any conversion-killer coupon field, order bumps and bundles*)

Membership Management For Improved User's Experience

If you're used to having like 5 different pages for registration, login, password recovery, membership content... these days are gone. Our system will automatically protect your content, create your member's account and send them an email with just 1 link: a link to your content. That's it. Still it's protected, and our intelligent system will turn that link into a login page, a password recovery page, a signup page (in case someone tries to access it without having paid for your product)...without you having to ever create these system pages.

You can focus on creating the best content for your clients. We ensure the best user's experience.

Sales Funnels Re-Invented

It seems that nowadays you need to have a designer, webmaster and developer degree to setup a sales funnel: draw lines, create complex upsells / downsell flows, clone your products whenever you want to re-use the same product in different funnels, clone all your pages (because the order links are funnel dependant, like the "no thanks" link... A real nightmare (and we've used all the solutions on the market.

These days are also gone: no more sales funnels to design. Just a natural and simple way to sell all your products in as many funnels as you want, in any order you want without ever going through the above hassles.

Plus with our "Path"* engine you will be able to further split test funnels within a funnel! This is mind blowing


Have some pressing questions? Here are the most commonly asked

Do I Need Hosting?

Nope. You can import your own custom domains (as a founding member, you can import up to 50 custom domains) and we will host those for you.

Are There Any Limitations?

Yes and no. For traffic we have a "fair usage" policy (which means we don't want you to buy 100k bot clicks and send them to our servers). Other than that, you can't import leads which have not previously opted into your list. But you can generate as many leads as you want. You have 10k email validations included (for real time validation or bulk validation) and 10 automations included. 

What Is It So Cheap?

Because you have the right timing. The lifetime plan will soon sell for $199+ per month. You can get in for just a fraction of the price.

Can I Use It Right Away Or Is This Just A Project?

Everything you see on this page is available and fully operational. No need to wait 6 months or even a year. You can use iFunnels platform as soon as you join. We constantly improve and update our platform, which means that you will see new features and improvements in the future as well.

What If I Don't Want To Use All Your Modules & Features?

That's no problem. Some of our members only use the email marketing platform, some just the lead generation platform, some just the sales funnel builder. Each module can be use independently of each other, and we're integrated with nearly any 3rd party solution and autoresponder / CRM out there. 

Lead Channels Seems Unreal For That Price, How Come?

We know you will not find any other solution on the market to provide that kind of service. Same for our Automation module (I've had a quote from a well known company for $5,000 per month for a few thousand contacts...). Lead Channels could quickly become your favorite tool in iFunnels. 

I Don't Have A Domain Name?

No worry, right from iFunnels you can purchase a domain name that will be automatically integrated with all our tools and secured using SSL protocol

Can I Join & Use It Later?

Yes, when you join today, you'll have complete freedom to use iFunnels whenever you want since you'll have lifetime access.

You said it was created by marketers, what are your most favorite features?

There are so many that we created because we wanted those for our own marketing. We'll publish a list of our favorite features in the Facebook group.