Lead Channels: Your Lead Capture & Distribution HUB

Boost your engagement and conversions with our intelligent lead capture and distribution engine. 

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Form Generator

Generate forms with all the fields you can think of, hide some fields for enhanced tracking. Make fields mandatory, add your GDPR terms, enable real time lead validation...

Embed Anywhere

Lead channels is flawlessly integrated with other members of the iFunnels Suite (Lead Funnels, Studio, Email Funnels), but it also works independently and you can embed your forms on virtually any platform (html, WP, any landing page builder you can think of). You're 100% free to use it as you see fit!

Multiple Optin Methods

Your prospects are mobile and using many different channels (Email, SMS, Voice, Messenger...). Don't get left behind and always put the right optin method in front of your prospects at the right time: we currently support Email optin, Mobile Orginated optin, Mobile Terminated optin (aka "text to join" and "confirm via text to join")

Integrations: Solved

Easily connect Lead Channels with your favorite tools and instantly send your leads to your current marketing stack. Our list of native integration grows each week, and you can also use our Zapier integration to connect to thousands of apps in 1 click!

Lead Distribution On Steroids!

This is where the rubber meets the road. Capturing and distributing leads should not be monolithic. Lead Channels let you capture leads, and route them / distribute those where it matters for you and your marketing: want to add a lead to your autoresponder, to your CRM, register them to an upcoming webinar and run a viral campaign ALL at the same time with just one form? Yep, that's what Lead Channels is about!


We've stepped out of the box to re-invent the whole concept of lead capture. Lead capture is not the end goal. How you engage with those leads and how you streamline your whole marketing activities from the moment someone fills in your form is WHAT MATTERS!


Add / Remove / Update your channels in real time and change your marketing mix instantly! Want to add your leads to a different webinar, to a different list, just click a button and your process is updated instantly without editing your website or your form!


Worried, fed up having to log in so many places, create so many integrations to perform simple tasks and achieve your marketing goals? Lead Channels is your lead capture and distribution HUB.


Track your lead channels' performance and see which one generate the most leads. You'll get a complete listing of contacts generated for each lead channel so you can monitor and optimize your traffic and marketing activities.


Fast, Reliable, managing your whole lead capture and distribution process with Lead Channels will save you time and headaches. You will not need to login in multiple services to create and manage forms. You'll get it all in one place fully integrated with your current stack. 

Text To Join

Let your prospects send you a Text / SMS to join your list. We will then greet them and and send them a welcome message (you can customize everything when creating a lead channel)

Email To Join

Want to make sure you have the right email address from your leads? Let them send you an email to join your list! That's right, they won't have to enter their email address, it will be automatically collected on your end. The form will automate the whole process and will send an email on their behalf to your channel which will then process the lead!

Call To Join (coming soon)

A click-to-call button will activate the Call-To-Join capabilities of your form. The call will be initiated by your prospects and will be prompted to confirm he wants to hear from you. His cell phone will be stored, and he will receive a text message to confirm his email address. This contact will then be available for your marketing campaigns inside iFunnels or in any other app you use!



The concept of Lists is as old as the concept of autoresponder. It's outdated and no  longer practical. With lists, your contacts end up on multiple lists, receiving multiple irrelevant emails sometimes each day, you can't segment them based on their behaviors, you're stuck in the past while looking at the future...it can't work.

Lead Channels work with all your contacts (no more duplicates) and Tags. Tags allow you to segment your leads based on their behaviors, engagement and profile. 


All your contacts at a glance. For each contact you know which channels (form) they've opted in, and which tags are applied to those in a consolidated way (no more duplicate)

Details & Logs at a glance

Quickyl review each contact's activity and how they were generated and where they were distributed to (to which channels they were added)

Compliance & Validation

Each contact can go through a GDPR compliance process as well as real time email validation before being processed through your Lead Channel, thus boosting your engagement even more!

It All Starts With A Simple Form

As you can see Lead Channel is a simple but highly powerful engine that will serve as your central system / hub for your whole lead generation activities.
And it all starts with a simple form you can embed in iFunnels as well as on any other pages managed through any other platform!

Responsive & Customizable

All the forms generated through Lead Channels are fully responsive. They are also fully customizable based on the platform you will be using. All its elements (input fields, buttons) can be styled directly in iFunnels page builders, or in your external website building application.

Add Trust & Authority

What if you could only capture real people, who truly understands who you are and what you have to offer?

Generate More Quality Leads

Use our built-in email validation engine to only collect valid email address and discard all the wrong, bogus, bot email addresses that will harm your inboxing and deliverability rate.

GDPR Compliant

Display a GDPR message so your leads know exactly how it works. 


Create unlimited channels, forms, routing and distribution engines, generate as many contacts as you want and never miss an opportunity!

Custom Audiences (coming soon)

Automatically add your leads to Facebook Audience and Google Ads audience via our custom audience built-in engine that will grow your Facebook and Google audience in real time!




Get access to Studio but also to Email Funnels, Unlimited Lead Channels, Lead Funnels, Automate, Validate as well as all future modules and updates we will add to iFunnels.


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