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Create and automate email marketing campaigns that drive engagement and convert your leads into customers and ambassadors!

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Sequence Optin Forms

Create optin forms tied to any given sequence and capture leads on any site (works on any platform). Tag your leads, add GDPR compliance process, enable real time email validation and build your list like a pro! Embed anywhere!

Broadcasts on Steroids

Easily create broadcasts, automatically resend to non openers after xx hours (your choice), tag leads, segment leads based on their engagement, split test subject lines and automatically resend using the highest open rate subject lines, intelligent link tracking (you can update your link even when your emails are already sent out)!

Engagement Boosting Sequences 

On top of our base features (subject line split testing, smart link tracking technology, tagging), we have a smart sequence manager allowing to insert, remove, re-order (drag and drop) emails from your sequence and we will automatically adapt delivery based on the changes. You can also automate re-sending any email from a sequence to those who did not open it before moving them to the next email in the funnel!

Quick Campaigns

Don't waste your time re-creating campaigns. Quickly create a new campaign based on engagement on any previous campaigns, 1-click campaign creation to openers, non openers, clickers of any email in any broadcast or sequence. Be more productive and focus on what's important in your business

Reporting That Makes Senses

You will get a comprehensive dashboard with the important metrics about your campaigns and email marketing "health" (such as new leads, number of emails sent, opened, clicked, unsubscribes...), as well as your highest open rate subject lines and your best call-to-action (highest CTR). Then per campaign, we will report for each email / subject line (in case you're split testing), your open rate, click-through rate.


We're using email marketing best practice to ensure your emails will get delivered and inboxed as they should. To do so we integrate with the best SMTP providers such as Sendgrid.


You can use any SMTP gateway you want. We recommend Sendgrid as they are the best, but you're free to use any one you want.


Decide which account to use on a per-campaign basis. 


You can integrate with as many SMTP gateway as you want, and create multiple identities to sign your emails based on your brand and activity


You will be able to authenticate your domains to improve your deliverability rate, to even use dedicated IP if you wish at some point.

Drag'n'Drop Your Sequence

Easily update your sequence order by dragging and dropping emails to a different position. Set the delay between each email and you're all set!

Subject Line Split Testing

Create as many subject lines as you want and our engine will split test those automatically for you, and then tell you which one is the best performing. Combined with our "automatic resend to non-openers", we will resend your email using the highest open rate subject line without you having to lift a finger!

Copywriting Scoring Engine

Built-in and fully integrated into Email Funnels: our unique copywriting scoring engine (Copy Prophet). 1-click scoring of your email will tell you how good your email is and gives you a predictive analysis of its performance. The higher your score, the more engagement you should get from your email campaign! All this in 1 click!



The concept of Lists is as old as the concept of autoresponder. It's outdated and no  longer practical. With lists, your contacts end up on multiple lists, receiving multiple irrelevant emails sometimes each day, you can't segment them based on their behaviors, you're stuck in the past while looking at the can't work.

Email Funnels work with all your contacts (no more duplicates) and Tags. Tags allow you to segment your leads based on their behaviors, engagement and profile. You can create filters and segments and use those to send more targeted and effective email campaigns.


All your contacts at a glance. For each contact you know which sequences they were added to, a full log of their activity (which emails they opened, clicked...), all the tags associated with them, and you can easily add tags to any contact or any group of contacts.

Launch Campaign in 1-click

Select all your contacts, or segments of contacts (that you can create on the fly based on previous behaviors and engagement), and then simply add them to an email funnel (broadcast or sequence). If you can point and click, you can create a high performing email marketing campaign.

Tagging made simple

We've made tagging really simple. Tagging can be done at contact level, or can segment a group of contacts directly based on the emails they received. That's a powerful concept that will save you a lot of time.

Smart Links

Creating tracking link, using 3rd party softwares, sending emails with the wrong link, then having to update it, or worse having to resend the same emails because you made an error. This is from the past.
Our engine will let you update links within the email editor and all your recipients will see the new link without you having to create any tracking link (we do that automatically for you) and without having to resend your email!


Our emails are simple but they are compatible with virtually all browsers, email clients, devices so that your content will reach all your subscribers at the right time without any technical issue. For mobile devices, we display a header preview (which is a summary of your email).

Add Trust & Authority

What if you could only capture real people, who truly understands who you are and what you have to offer?

Generate More Quality Leads

Use our built-in email validation engine to only collect valid email address and discard all the wrong, bogus, bot email addresses that will harm your inboxing and deliverability rate.

GDPR Compliant

Display a GDPR message so your leads know exactly how it works. 


Create unlimited sequences, emails, send as many emails as you want, our engine is scaling up with you!

Share Funnels (coming soon)

This is an easy way to provide more value, generate higher quality leads and earn more from your campaigns: share any funnel you've created with your prospects, leads and customers. Share funnels, spread love and grow your community of loyal and raving customers.




Get access to Studio but also to Email Funnels, Unlimited Lead Channels, Lead Funnels, Automate, Validate as well as all future modules and updates we will add to iFunnels.


Have some pressing questions? Here are the most commonly asked

Do I Need An Autoresponder?

Email Funnels is your new autoresponder. It replaces your current autoresponder (aweber, getresponse, mailchimp...) and you will save a lot of money doing so as well as get better engagement and conversions.

Can I import my current subscribers?

Yes we have an import tool allowing you to import your existing subscribers, and tag them in the process for better segmentation. You can't import purchased leads, only leads resulting from your own activity.

Why Is It So Cheap?

Because you have the right timing and we're that cool. We're SaaS publishing company for more than 10 years now, and we know our costs, and we don't have to overcharge like many companies do billing you stupid rates. 

Can I Use It Right Away Or Is This Just A Project?

Everything you see on this page is available and fully operational. No need to wait 6 months or even a year. You can use Email Funnels as soon as you join. We constantly improve and update our platform, which means that you will see new features and improvements in the future as well.

Is Deliverability Good?

Yes, you will see a big increase compared to a traditional Autoresponder. The reason being you will be in full control of the physical sending process by using an external SMTP gateway like Sendgrid. That's the only way to ensure the best inboxing and deliverability rate.

How Many Subscribers Can I Have In My Account?

We have different plans from 1000 contacts to 100k and more subscribers. All plans come with unlimited campaigns, emails and broadcasts. Importing leads will count towards your plan limit. Pick your plan on the next page. You can always upgrade to a higher tier at any time.

I Don't Have A Domain Name?

It's not mandatory, but if you want to increase your deliverability rate you will need to authenticate a domain to be able to sign your email as coming from you and your domain. But don't worry we show you how it works.

Can I Join & Use It Later?

Yes, when you join today, you'll have complete freedom to use Email Funnels. You can cancel at any time. There's no contract. 

If I leave, can I export my leads?

Yes, your data is safe, but not locked. Whenever you want to leave, we will export your leads so that you can later import them in any other tool.


Got Questions? 

Contact us via email at [email protected]

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